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36 Wilmer Wetlands Trail Invermere BC Bird Trail

8 Easy Hikes in the Columbia Valley

You don’t have to hike all day to enjoy the views! Luckily, the Columbia Valley has lots of easy hiking options! Come join us on a scenic adventure and explore all that the Columbia Valley region has to offer. 

Check out these options on your next trip to the Columbia Valley:

Lower Bugaboo Falls

Just North of Radium Hot Springs, Lower Bugaboo Falls is a 3k hike for all skill levels with an Instagram-worthy waterfall. The trail is also awesome for individuals that want to take in the scenery at a slower pace as others can easily pass by. Be sure to pack the bug repellent as the mosquitos also love to admire the waterfall!

Sinclair Creek Trail

Sinclair Creek Trail 2

Sinclair Creek Trail is located in the heart of Radium Hot Springs Village. This trail has multiple purposes, such as hiking, biking, an off-leash dog area, and even a disc golf course! The trail follows Sinclair Creek in a forested area with interpretive signage along the way. 

Old Coach Trail

Columbia Valley Old Coach Trail August 1

Just outside of the Village of Radium Hot Springs is Old Coach Trail. The hike has stunning views of the Columbia River Wetlands and is excellent for spotting birds. The trail is an out-and-back system, meaning individuals can choose the distance they want. Do the whole trail, do half of it or walk for twenty minutes and turn back; no matter what, you will see beautiful views.

Sinclair Canyon and Juniper Trail

Sinclair Canyon Vertical No Cars Summer

A perfect hike to start your day. Located in the Kootenay National Park, this hike has scenic views, falls and a creek! While the hike does have steep sections, there are a few viewpoints where you can take a break when needed as you immerse yourself in the beauty around you. A bonus of this trail is that you can head to the Radium Hot Springs pools after hiking to have a relaxing soak!

Wilmer Wetlands Trail

27 Wilmer Wetlands Trail Invermere BC Bird Trail

Just outside the town of Invermere, you’ll find Wilmer Wetlands Trail. If you enjoy views of the Columbia Wetlands, the Wilmer Wetlands hike is for you. It’s relatively flat throughout the trail, which makes it a perfect hike for those looking for a pleasant stroll with stunning views of the wetlands and ample opportunity for wildlife viewing.

Mount Swansea Summit Trail

DJI 0992

Enjoy this short, but steep, trail from the upper parking lot at Mount Swansea. Steep switchbacks lead 700 meters to the summit of Mount Swansea, leading to a spectacular view of Invermere, Lake Windermere, the Purcell Mountains, and the Columbia Valley. View a trail map here

The Hoodoos Trail

hoodoos 76 HDR

Just outside Fairmont Hot Springs is The Hoodoos Trail. This trail can be a little challenging on the way up as it’s uphill, but the viewpoint at the top makes it worth it! Take in a views of the Columbia River, Dutch Creek River and Columbia Lake. And best of all the rest of the hike is all downhill! In the summer months, it’s best to do it in the morning before it becomes too hot.

Source of the Columbia Trail

Located just outside Canal Flats, the Source of the Columbia Trail is a quick loop. This hike will take you along the start of the Columbia Wetlands, providing an opportunity to see unique birds and incredible scenic sites. Want to go swimming and do a hike? Perfect. Do this quick hike and head to the Columbia Lake after for a quick swim or paddle.

Source of the Columbia Trail

Find further hiking access information & trail maps here. 

The Columbia Valley is a perfect place to find endless adventures! Learn where to paddle, adventure and beach on your next vacation.

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