Whether you’d like to hike for a few minutes or a few days, there are so many hiking trails in the Columbia Valley and area waiting to be discovered. Find trails with the best views and features.

Find more trails in the Columbia Valley. 

short hikes around the columbia valley

Easy hikes and strolls around the Columbia Valley are for everyone to enjoy. You don’t have to complete the full trail to enjoy the view!

There are many short strolls and half-day jaunts in the Columbia Valley. Find trails leading to beautiful viewpoints such as the Hoodoos Trail in Fairmont Hot Springs, catch a birds-eye view of the Columbia Wetlands in Radium Hot Springs on the Old Coach Trail, or gaze at the Columbia Valley from the Mount Swansea Summit Trail. 

moderate hikes hikes in the columbia valley

Lace up your boots and get going! Longer hikes to stunning passes, vistas, lakes, waterfalls and glaciers await. Choose from iconic favourites or venture off the beaten path to find a hidden gem.

Day hiking trails in the Columbia Valley are maintained by the Summit Trail Makers Society. Check in with a local Visitor Information Centre for any recent trail reports and trip planning advice.

Lake of the Hanging Glacier
Photo: Ken Hagen Photography, Lake of the Hanging Glacier

hiking in kootenay national park

The nearby Kootenay National Park is a great destination to experience hiking in the Canadian Rockies. This stunning and peaceful park that offers hiking trails for all skill levels. 

Those looking for a short hike will love the Marble Canyon Trail, which is an easy 1.6 km (1 mile) loop leading atop a narrow canyon with the turquoise Tokkum Creek below. Day hikers will lov the Stanley Glacier Trail, a 9 km (5.5 mile) round-trip hike that offers stunning views of the glacier and surrounding mountains.

For experienced hikers, the Rockwall Trail is an epic 55 km (34 mile) multi-day trek. This multi-day hike is not for the faint of heart, but it is an unforgettable experience that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime. Reservations are required for backcountry camping.

No matter what your hiking skill level is, there are plenty of trails in Kootenay National Park to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a leisurely stroll or a challenging adventure, you’ll find something that suits your needs.

ZL 20191101 318
Photo: Parks Canada/Zoya Lynch, Marble Canyon
Floe Lake Larches
Photo: Ken Hagen Photography, Floe Lake


Trails in the Columbia Valley are for everyone to enjoy. Spend time exploring paved and accessible trails in nearby communities.

The Markin-McPhail Westside Legacy Trail is a 25 km paved trail running between Fairmont Hot Springs and Invermere with multiple access points throughout.

The Valley Trail at Panorama Mountain Resort is another great option, winding beside the Toby Creek.

KRT Summer2022 Invermere 14
Photo: Kootenay Rockies Tourism/Mitch Winton, Westside Legacy Trail

guided experiences

If you are interested in a fully organized hiking experience, from transportation to interpretation, look no further than Playwest Mountain Experiences. Playwest will work with your group’s interests and abilities to plan the most enjoyable day.

Nipika Mountain Resort also offers guided hikes on lesser known trails in the Kootenay River Valley area.

Hiking Safety

Know Before You Go
Check the weather, trail conditions and warnings (if available), and tell someone where you are going and when you expect to be back.

Gear & Equipment
Weather in the mountains can change quickly. Be prepared with layers, extra clothing, sun protection, first aid kit, and food and water. Consider rain gear, a headlamp, navigation aids, and signalling device on longer treks.

When hiking in the Columbia Valley, you are hiking in the habitat of numerous animals. Be prepared for bear encounters by making noise on the trail, carrying bear spray, and knowing how to use it.

Many longer trails are located down active forest service roads and a high clearance, 4×4 vehicle is recommended. Always give logging trucks the right of way by moving to the side of the road and driving with caution.