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Kootenay National
Park Adventures

Kootenay National Park is a hiking and sightseeing mecca in the Canadian Rockies. A hidden gem, you won’t find the crowds of Banff National Park here. But you will find spectacular scenery! 

From multi-day backcountry hiking trips, to a glacier-filled day on the trails, to roadside stops and viewpoints, there is so much to see in Kootenay National Park.

Hiking In Kootenay National Park

Floe Lake Larches
Photo: Kenny Hagen Photography, Floe Lake

The nearby Kootenay National Park is a great destination to experience hiking in the Canadian Rockies. This stunning and peaceful park that offers hiking trails for all skill levels. 

Those looking for a short hike will love the Marble Canyon Trail, which is an easy 1.6 km (1 mile) loop leading atop a narrow canyon with the turquoise Tokkum Creek below. Day hikers will lov the Stanley Glacier Trail, a 9 km (5.5 mile) round-trip hike that offers stunning views of the glacier and surrounding mountains.

For experienced hikers, the Rockwall Trail is an epic 55 km (34 mile) multi-day trek. This multi-day hike is not for the faint of heart, but it is an unforgettable experience that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime. Reservations are required for backcountry camping.

No matter what your hiking skill level is, there are plenty of trails in Kootenay National Park to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a leisurely stroll or a challenging adventure, you’ll find something that suits your needs.

Camping in Kootenay National Park

Camping in Kootenay National Park is a wonderful way to experience the beauty and serenity of this stunning wilderness area in British Columbia, Canada. There are several campgrounds located throughout the park that offer a range of camping options to suit different needs and preferences.
One of the most popular campgrounds in the park is the Redstreak Campground, which is located just outside of of Radium Hot Springs. This campground has over 200 sites, including both tent and RV sites. 
Further in to the Kootenay National Park, McLeod Meadows Campground allows for peaceful camping alongside the Kootenay River. Another great option for camping in Kootenay National Park is the Marble Canyon Campground, which is located near the stunning Marble Canyon and Kootenay River. 

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National Parks Neaby Kootenay National Park

The Columbia Valley is a few hours drive from some of the world’s most coveted sights! Take a day trip to one of the nearby mountain national parks.

Yoho National Park Near Kootenay National Park

Yoho is a treasure of the Mountain National Parks! Explore the large trail system of beginner to advanced trails, check out the Natural Bridge, or rent a canoe at Emerald Lake.

A day trip to Yoho National Park is the perfect opportunity to drive the Golden Triangle Route from Radium Hot Springs.

Banff National Park Near Kootenay National Park

A scenic 90 minutes from Radium Hot Springs, the gateway of the Columbia Valley, leads to the famous sights of Banff National Park. Stroll through town and eat a beaver tail, hike a famous peak, or hit memorable viewpoints.

Glacier National Park Near Kootenay National Park

Glacier National Park is a beautiful day trip destination for longer day hikes, mountaineering, and ski touring.
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