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FIND MORE Pickleball in the Columbia valley

Pickleball is a fun family-friendly sport that all ages can play. The Columbia Valley has many pickleball courts that everyone can enjoy. Whether you want to join a club, play a few rounds or try the game out, you’ll find the court that suits your needs.  From Edgewater to Radium Hot Springs to Invermere and beyond, grab your paddles, court shoes and go dink.

Pickleball courts

Legends Field outdoor rink in Radium Hot springs has two permanent pickleball courts open to the public. Grab your rackets, balls, and court sneakers and get your game on. Plus, located within walking distance of Radium Hot Springs's downtown shops and restaurants, you can explore the Village after your game.

Location: 19 Park Dr E, Radium Hot, BC

Not only does Mount Nelson Athletic Park have a skate park, basketball and tennis courts, but you can also play pickleball. Heads up, The Invermere Pickleball Club plays multiple times a week at the park. To play with the club, you need a membership, so check out their schedule here to find out when they use the courts

Location: 1500 14th St, Invermere, BC 

Play pickleball with a stunning backdrop of Windermere Lake. These courts are only for pickleball players, so you won't have to share the court with other sports. Moreover, you'll probably run into other pickleball players, and learn a new trick. 

Location: 2001 Pne Rdg Dr, Invermere, BC 

Get your pickleball game on at Wilder Memorial Park's new pickleball courts. Recently completed by the Fairmont & District Lions Club, these courts are the perfect place for seasoned or new players.  After you finish your game, you can peruse the shops and restaurants in Fairmont Hot Springs

Locations: East Kootenay, BC V0B 1L1

Canal Flats is a fun place to play pickleball with the whole family. While they don't have a pickleball net on their large court, they have four marked courses you can use your own net with.  This means you could have a pickleball tournament with the whole family or set up a single court.  Plus you can explore more of Canal Flats after your game. Check out Village SocialTilley Memorial Park and more!

Location: Across the street from Canal Flats Arena.


Did you know that you can play an incredible game of golf and a few rounds of pickleball at Copper Point Golf Club? Rent a court for your friends and family for a few hours of competitive fun. If you have yet to try pickleball, you can also rent equipment.

Location: #651, Hwy 93/95, RR#3, Invermere, BC 

The Columbia Lake Rec Centre is a great place to drop in for some pickleball. While the centre has no set times for pickleball, they do have many drop-in sessions where guests can choose what activity they do. As long as a court is available, you will be able to get in a few rounds. And if you are new to the game or forgot your paddles, the rec centre has got you covered. 

Location: 3050 BC-93, Windermere, BC



Join the Steamboat Mountain Pickleball Club at Frank's Rink in Edgewater for pickleball three times a week. You must have a Pickleball Canada membership to play. They play on Sunday from 2-4 p.m., Tuesday from 6-8 p.m. and Thursday 6-8 p.m. Frank Rink has four covered courts, so rain or shine, game on! Check-out their website to see when they play in Radium Hot Springs. 

Join The Invermere Pickleball Club. The club plays multiple times a week at Mount Nelson Memorial Park or at the Invermere Curling Club. Membership is required to play with the club. Check out their schedule here

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