A Scent of Relaxation

June 10, 2018

Wildflowers in the Mountains – a Must-See AND Smell

Valley views are always wonderful but June offers some of the valley’s best smells. Our olfactory gland is linked to emotions so a single whiff can transport you back to a childhood memory or help you relax. With blossoms popping up on hillsides and in flower boxes visiting the valley’s floral attractions and indulging in nature’s aromatherapy is a wonderful way to unwind.

Black Bear in flowers

Overlooked by many visitors – so you won’t need to fight crowds – is the Columbia Valley Botanical Garden near Pynelogs Art Gallery & Cultural Centre on the edge of Lake Windermere. The garden features old-fashioned vegetables and flowers where you can inhale summer scents before taking a short stroll around nearby Dorothy Lake. Listen to water cascading from a large fountain and enjoy pathways shaded by large poplars (it’s also a great place to peek at sunbathing painted turtles).

Edibles Cafe & Hopkins Harvest - Wndermere BC

Several valley garden centers also encourage you to visit. One of the oldest, Winderberry & Edibles Farm + Café + Catering, offers farm to table dining so you can eat local as well as bury your nose in colourful plants. Further up the valley Patty’s Greenhouse grows heirloom and hybrid seeds and uses insect plant management to avoid using insecticides. The Brisco General Store on highway 95 has a seasonal greenhouse where you’ll often spot hummingbirds and a stroll through the store is a step back in time.

Downtown Invermere

You can sniff blossoms between strokes at valley golf courses or while browsing shops in Invermere or Fairmont Hot Springs. The Village of Radium Hot Springs offers Friday night music along Main Street starting June 29. Relax among flowers and street vendors while tapping your toes to live entertainment. The focus is on homemade, handmade, and homegrown; the perfect place to let the smells bring you home to your best self.


Columbia Valley Botanical Garden
Winderberry & Edibles Farm + Café + Catering
Patty’s Greenhouse
Golf in the Columbia Valley
Friday night music

At the end of the day, warm up with a soak in one of our hot springs, enjoy a great meal and don’t forget to tag us when sharing your images on your social media channels.

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