A Cure for City Stress

January 5, 2017

Finally! A real cure for City Stress Condition — The Columbia Valley.

A place to come when you’re ready to swap tough deadlines for serene shorelines, the daily treadmill for acres of downhill, and Facebook friends for real friends.

Panorama Resort Ridge Fall Colours

Even our shortest, most economical mid-week and shoulder season breaks, let you unwind from all the ways that urban life winds you up. Say “Goodbye” to the traffic, the noise, the monotonous routine. And say “Hello” to hot springs to soak away stress, award-winning local foods, wines and beers, to while away time.

Best of all, it’s all less than three hours away from the Calgary International airport, on most days a soothing drive that relaxes weary eyes with scenic majesty, well before you even arrive.

Columbia Valley. It’s Time to Unwind.

At the end of the day, warm up with a soak in one of our hot springs, enjoy a great meal and don’t forget to tag us when sharing your images on your social media channels.

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