Paddle Adventures in the Columbia Valley

April 21, 2021

Spring in the Valley is perfection—warm and sunny days, quiet beaches and lakes, and of course the wide open spaces that make this part of the Rockies so special.

Soak up that spring sunshine on a paddle adventure!



Lake Windermere

At almost 18km in length with views of the Rockies to the east and Purcells to the west, Lake Windermere is a scenic place to paddle. While it can get busy with boats in July and August, they are few and far between in springtime. Paddle along the shoreline or head right down the middle for optimal mountain views. (If windy, the lake can get wavy and choppy.)




Lake Lillian

A smaller lake nestled amongst the trees, Lake Lillian is ideal for beginners. There is rarely wind and never waves or boat traffic. Paddle around the lake and explore the marshes.



Columbia River (Invermere to Radium)

The Columbia River is a great bird-watching trip with more than 250 species of migratory birds recorded in the wetlands. Take a peaceful paddle along the river, exploring the biodiversity and beaches along the way.

You don’t need to be an expert paddler to travel the Columbia River from Invermere to Radium. There are no rapids but there is a gentle flow, especially when Toby Creek merges with the river.


There are multiple vendors that rent equipment:

Whether your craft of choice is canoe, kayak, or paddleboard, you can enjoy all paddle adventures in the Columbia Valley this spring.

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