Get Away This Spring

March 29, 2017

Easy, Quick and it Feels Like a Different World!

To get away from it all this spring, you don’t need a passport, or hours of airport security, flying and transfers. Suppose you could take a real break from the hassles of city life, work, and traffic, without going through the additional stress of flying?

That’s the promise of the Columbia Valley. It’s the Goldilocks destination for city-dwellers whose City Stress Condition™ has reached the breaking point.

Fairmont Hot Springs Summer

Coming from Calgary you’ll arrive in time for an early lunch—simply take the Radium Hot Springs turn south, just past Banff. It’s just far enough away, on the other side of the Great Divide, with mountain scenery and lakes that feel a million miles away from the noisy, gridlocked city.

And it’s got just enough local events, attractions, food and activities to fool your mind into thinking you’re somewhere in Europe.

So pack a few essentials, get in the car, and look forward to a couple of days of hiking, biking, and golfing (yes, we’re doing all of this already) or just relaxing in hot springs and sampling the very best food and wine B.C. has to offer. We’ll leave the light on for you.


Local Events, Attractions, Food and Activities

At the end of the day, warm up with a soak in one of our hot springs, enjoy a great meal and don’t forget to tag us when sharing your images on your social media channels.

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