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4 Awesome Beaches in the Columbia Valley

Beaches and Mountains… the Best of Both Worlds
Summers in Canada are short but can be very, very sweet if you make the most of your time near the water in the Columbia Valley. Although the valley is known for beautiful mountain views it’s also blessed with great beaches.

Lake days in the summer are a must! Luckily, the Columbia Valley has no shortage of beautiful beaches to check out. If you are a family unit, by yourself or with a group of friends, you’ll find the perfect spot to make summer memories.  

Find the beach that fits your needs in the Columbia Valley:

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Kinsmen Beach is a fun-filled family beach. With many activities for the little ones to do, like a splash park, playground, and water slide dock, it has everything a family unit needs! If you want to get out for a paddle on Lake Windermere, Columbia River Paddle’s rental kiosk is on Kinsmen Beach. Here, you can easily rent floaty toys, paddle boards, and kayaks. 

For individuals with limited mobility looking for a fun beach day, Kinsmen Beach has a beach wheelchair free of charge—contact columbiariverpaddle.com to reserve the chair.

Though the beach has excellent features for families, it’s also lovely for anyone wanting a beach day. Plus, who says it’s just kids who get to run around the splash park or go down the water slide? 

James Chabot Fall throwing rocks

James Chabot Provincial Park is perfect for a relaxing beach day! On a hot summer day, you can set up camp there. Grab your beach chairs, sunscreen, and book to sit back and relax. Or bring your paddling device and explore Lake Windermere. 

The beach features a playground, an interpretive boardwalk, shady areas, and a volleyball court, making it perfect for families, a group of friends or individuals looking to cool down. 


Windermere Beach is another beach on Lake Windermere to explore. This laid-back beach offers a floating dock, picnic tables and a large grassy area. 

It is perfect for people who want to set up their spot and hit the water. Bring a paddle board, kayak or canoe to explore the lake, or if you are just looking to cool down, bring your noodles and float around. 

Tilley Memorial Park- Canal Flats

Tilly memorial park - canal flats

Have you been to Columbia Lake? Just 40 minutes away from Lake Windermere, the Columbia Lake is another beautiful lake to explore! Tilley Memorial Park is the perfect beach to paddle, swim or have a relaxing float. The park has a large grassy area, a pebble beach and many picnic tables to enjoy snacks. 

If you have a motorized boat, Tilly Memorial Park has the only public boat launch for the Columbia Lake. 

Grab your swimsuit, sunscreen, and towel and head out to the beaches of the Columbia Valley! After your beach day, don’t forget to check out the great spots to dine in the nearby communities of Invermere, Windermere, Canal Flats and beyond.

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