Hot Springs

Settle in for a soak at one of the famous mineral Hot Springs Pools in the Columbia Valley.

The Columbia Valley is known for the Hot Springs! Open all year round, enjoy the relaxing, naturally-heated waters of the Columbia Valley Hot Springs.
Soak in the largest mineral hot springs at the Fairmont Hot Springs Pools in the south Columbia Valley, or drive north and enjoy a soak in the rock-surrounded Radium Hot Springs pools.

The Radium Hot Springs Pools are iconic for a reason. Soak in the hot, scentless water filled with minerals and enjoy the mountainous surroundings.

Visitors to the Radium Hot Springs Pools also have access to the cool pool (check for cool pool hours), and a waterslide in the summertime!

The Fairmont Hot Springs Pools overlook the beautiful Rocky and Purcell Mountain Ranges. Perfect for a soak after a day outside, the Fairmont Hot Springs Pools are Canada’s largest mineral hot springs.

Enjoy views of the Purcell and Rocky Mountains while soaking in the Fairmont Hot Springs Pools. Explore the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort activities and amenities such as the nearby ski area, 3 golf courses, and restaurants.

Lussier Hot Springs in Whiteswan Lake Provincial Park are located 17 kilometres down a winding logging road. Nestled in a rock bed, the natural hot springs are located on the shore of the Lussier River and are truly a majestic place. Lussier Hot Springs are free for public use and can be very busy. Rules to follow:
  • Make sure to pack out everything you pack in.
  • No facilities or cell phone service are available at these undeveloped hot springs.
  • Be sure to check the BC Parks website for any current closures or advisories.