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Short Hikes in the Columbia Valley

Quick Ways to Get Out and Get into Nature
The Columbia Valley is an excellent base camp for many trail adventures, long and short. Here are some great, short hikes that’ll have you back in time for dinner at a great local restaurant! When hiking, remember to be bear aware and leave no trace.

After your hike, stop in at a local cafe or brewery to unwind, or go for a soak in the hot springs!

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Lower Bugaboo Falls

Follow a short trail to the largest waterfall in the Columbia Valley area. Be careful to stay away from the ledge while admiring the view!

Distance: 3 k.m. each way

Access: Travel north on Highway 95 to Brisco. Turn left on to Brisco West Road, following and keeping straight/right when the road splits at the 5 k.m. mark. See the parking area and a small sign at the 8.3 k.m. mark.

Note: High clearance, 4×4 vehicle recommended. 

Sinclair Creek Trail

Follow this short loop trail along the Sinclair Creek in Radium Hot Springs. This trial is also an off-leash area for dogs and includes a pump-and-jump track for bikes.

Distance: 3.5 k.m. to complete the loop

Access: From Radium Hot Springs, travel to the four-way-stop and turn down Foresters Landing Road. Take a sharp right at the four-way-stop before the mill, following the gravel road to the parking area.

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Juniper Trail

Located within Kootenay National Park, the Juniper trail offers views atop the Sinclair Canyon and of the Sinclair Falls.

Distance: 3 k.m. each way

Access: Travel north on Highway 93, into the Kootenay National Park. Just inside the park entrance, you will see a parking area and trailhead on the left.

Note: A valid Parks pass is required to hike this trail. 

Old Coach Trail

This out-and-back trail winds along the Columbia River, offering sprawling views of the wetlands.

Distance: 9 k.m. each way

Access: From Radium, drive south on Highway 93/95. About 5 k.m. past Radium, turn right into the large gravel parking area.

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SRL Trails

Enjoy views of the Columbia River Wetlands on this trail system.

Distance: Variable

Access: From the town of Invermere, turn right on to 13th Street, then left onto 13th Ave., which later turns into Westside Road. Follow Westside Road until you see the parking lot for the SRL Trails on the left. These trails are on private land and have been offered for public walking and biking use, so please be respectful!

Hoodoos Restoration Trail

The Hoodoos Restoration Trail will lead to a stunning view of Columbia Lake, Dutch Creek and local farmland.

Distance: 3 k.m. loop

Access: Travel south on Highway 93/95 for 30 minutes from Radium. Past the main town centre, turn right on Westside Road. The parking area is 1 k.m. on this road on the left.

TCV Headwaters CanalFlats

Source of the Columbia Trail

Follow this short trail along the headwaters of the Columbia River in Canal Flats.

Distance: 3 k.m. loop

Access: Travel south on Highway 93/95 for about 40 minutes to the town of Canal Flats. Then, take a left turn onto Grainger Rd., travelling for about 1 k.m., then take another left down Beatty Ave. to find the trailhead.

Updates for Kootenay National Park trails can be found on the official Park’s Canada website. Trails outside of the national park are not regularly monitored, so use at your own risk.

Remember that you are hiking in bear country! Be bear aware and always remember to make noise and be on the lookout for any signs of bear activity (scat, digging).

Always bring the gear you need for your hike! For a short hike, it’s best to be equipped with a small backpack containing snacks, water, sunscreen and a first aid kit.

For more information and trail maps, please contact the Radium or Invermere Visitor Information Centre!


At the end of the day, warm up with a soak in one of our hot springs, enjoy a great meal and don’t forget to tag us when sharing your images on your social media channels.

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