So much more than just asylum

Things To Do

In the Columbia Valley, you don’t just escape from deadlines, traffic, anxiety, noise and stress of the city. You escape to a whole world of activities that will help you to recharge your batteries and restore your soul. We’ve got hot springs and spas to soak away the stress, golf courses to drive away worries, and lakes to wash off the status quo. We’ve got a rich heritage to share through a plethora of cultural experiences and local art in abundance. So, if you’re ready to step away from the screen, get in your car and drive less than three hours, we’re ready to grant you peace, harmony and time to reflect on what life should really be about.


Body & Mind Renewal

In addition to world-renowned natural mineral hot springs, unwinding could mean the most traditional definition: spas, and we’ve got them. Whether the focal point of your recovery from City Stress Condition™ or as a complement to one of other active release therapies available in our Valley.

Outdoor Escapes

Well known for its golf and skiing, the Columbia Valley in southeast British Columbia is also home to hiking, mountain biking and paragliding in the Summer months as well as sledding/snowmobiling in the mountains or skating on the Whiteway and more in Winter.

Cultural Remedies

To truly unwind, some of our visitors go in search of knowledge, experience and the cultural history of our region. From guided tours to experiential settings with local first nations groups, the Valley comes from a rich history we’re delighted to share with visitors.

Culinary Cures

City Stress Condition™ is uniquely addressed through our variety of culinary options. Charcuterie platters, gelato, or the renowned Kicking Horse Coffee Company, there are as many options as there are palette preferences.

Retail Therapy

If you’re looking for an activity that’s a little more low key search out our thriving retail therapy options, including unique clothing stores, galleries or art walks to de-stress.


From outdoor music concerts and coffee, beer and wine festivals to farmer’s markets and outdoor hockey, the Columbia Valley has events to help you unwind throughout the year. **NOTE: Events may be postponed or cancelled due to concerns regarding COVID-19. We will continue to do our best to keep this calendar current: to confirm that […]