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Ultimate Glamping Experiences in the Columbia Valley

Are you yearning for a getaway that combines the serenity of nature with the comforts of home in the Columbia Valley? Look no further than these remarkable glamping destinations, where you can revel in the beauty of Columbia Valley without compromising on luxury. There is certainly no shortage of camping options in the Columbia Valley! Keep all the fun of camping, like campfires and being outside, with more luxuries than the average camp site.

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Immerse yourself in the beauty of Columbia Valley with Radius Retreat. Nestled in a pristine natural setting, Radius is near Radium Hot Springs and offers eight hike-in yurts, including one adaptive yurt, for the ultimate glamping experience. Explore the Columbia Valley’s breathtaking landscapes by hiking or biking the Radius’ trails, or revel in the tranquillity of a meadow while practicing yoga. As the sun sets, unwind on your yurt’s deck. Radius Retreat ensures you enjoy most of the comforts of home, including cozy mattresses on custom-built beds, wood-burning fireplaces, and fanciest eco-friendly composting toilets you’ve ever seen. Additionally, the Gathering Area with a stage and a spacious yurt provides the perfect venue for events or retreats with larger groups.

oTENTiks at Redstreak

Perched above the Village of Radium Hot Springs in Kootenay National Park, Redstreak Campground offers a unique glamping experience with its 10 oTENTiks. Combining the best of tents and cabins, each oTENTik accommodates up to six people and features spacious indoor seating and decks overlooking the picturesque Purcells and grasslands, where you might even spot the local bighorn sheep herd. Start your day by stepping out of your oTENTik to hit the trails or venture into town for a delicious meal. These accommodations are available from May to October, and a valid Park pass is required.

Raven's Nest Resort Valley View
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Raven's Nest Resort Cabin Interior
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Raven's Nest Resort Site Photo

For a bonus glamping experience in the Columbia Valley, don’t miss Raven’s Nest Campground and Resort, the finest Fairmont Hot Springs camping you can find! Here, you’ll find inviting log cabins equipped with flush toilets, hot showers, and kitchenettes. Raven’s Nest is the ideal destination for those seeking the great outdoors with all the comforts of a cabin. Plus, the resort boasts a brand-new disc golf course with breathtaking views, sure to bring smiles to every guest’s face.


Experience the unique Winderdome Resorts for a unique getaway. Surrounded by pristine nature, Winderdome Resort offers a fusion of rustic appeal and modern comfort. These geodesic domes provide a cozy haven where you can relax while immersed in nature’s beauty. Wake up to mountain views, explore nearby hiking trails, and stargaze under the clear night skies from your private dome. It’s an ideal escape, perfect for couples seeking a retreat or adventurers yearning for a taste of the wild with all the comforts of home. Families with kids 5 and up love renting the in-ground pool and playing the board games provided. Immerse yourself in the Winderdome experience for an unforgettable getaway.

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Discover the allure of true glamping at Back 40 Outdoor Events, where secluded camping, scenic trails, access to the backcountry, and abundant wildlife await. This unique destination offers three canvas tents that comfortably accommodate up to four people in cozy beds. We promise you ave never seen an outdoor kitchen, shower, and outhouses quite like this. Your nightly fee includes guided interpretive hikes and endless panoramic views. Back 40 also provides an opportunity to expand your knowledge, develop new skills, and cultivate curiosity in an interactive outdoor environment. The dedicated owners are passionate about helping you embrace the outdoors and offer experiences for adults to boost confidence and develop outdoor skills.

Nipika CabinExteriorSummer

Nipika Mountain Resort is an eco-friendly haven featuring nine charming log cabins surrounded by an array of trails for both winter and summer activities. Enjoy the serenity of the outdoors while disconnecting from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Each cabin boasts a full kitchen, BBQ, and a deck with stunning mountain views. Check out their website for trail maps, guided activities, and adventure camps to make the most of your stay.

Experience the best of the Columbia Valley, BC, with these incredible glamping adventures. No matter where you choose to stay, you’re in for a memorable outdoor getaway that blends nature and luxury seamlessly.

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