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The Columbia River, winding through the Columbia Valley, is home to the living, breathing Columbia Wetlands.

As home to one of the largest intact wetlands in the world, the Columbia Wetlands play an important role in the ecosystem of the Columbia Valley. The Columbia Wetlands home to hundreds of species of insects, fish, birds, rodents, and mammals.

Visitors to the Columbia Valley can take in beautiful views and appreciate the importance of the Columbia Wetlands by going for a hike, bike, or paddle.

Experience the Columbia River Wetlands

Columbia Valley Paddling

Paddle the Columbia River Wetlands to immerse yourself in nature. Spotting wildlife, listening to birdsong, and enjoying the peace of the beautiful Columbia River is what paddlers can expect!

The most popular paddle trip is Invermere to Radium Hot Springs. The trip leads you down the gentle current of the Columbia River, flowing north to Radium. It is an excellent opportunity for birdwatching, sightseeing, and relaxing. Plan to spend 3-5 hours on the water for this trip, depending on the current, and pack food, water, sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses along with your life jacket.

Guided experiences, rentals, and more information on paddling the Columbia River is available here.

Columbia Valley Hike & Bike

Get a birds eye view of the Columbia River Wetlands on a local favourite hiking trail. With options winding throughout the Columbia Valley, take a stroll for beautiful sightseeing, birdwatching, and hiking opportunities. The Old Coach Trail in Radium Hot Springs is a 9 k.m. out-and-back trail offering spectacular views of the Columbia Wetlands, Purcell Mountains, and ecosystems. The Wilmer Wetlands Trail in Invermere is a stunning area to explore and take in the tranquil views of the Wetlands. Make sure to take your camera along with you to capture the views!

Bikers can explore with two wheels on the Old Coach Trail with a doubletrack path and rolling hills stretching above the Wetlands.

Following the Columbia Valley Bird Trail

As a part of the larger BC Bird Trail, the Columbia Valley Bird Trail winds through the towns of Canal Flats, Fairmont Hot Springs, Invermere, Radium Hot Springs, and North all the way to Golden.

The Columbia Valley Bird Trail is perfect for those interested in birding, nature, sightseeing, and experiencing the beauty of the area. Find information on species of birds to expect, itineraries, and more on the Columbia Valley Bird Trail.

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