Reverse city stress condition with a single booking

Columbia Valley Communities.

Sure, the Columbia Valley has the natural wonders and peaceful vistas to soothe your soul. But let’s face it, they’re nothing without creature comforts. Fortunately, the Columbia Valley communities – or rather, sanctuaries – of Radium, Invermere, Panorama and Fairmont Hot Springs have more than their fair share of those, too. Dozens of hotels and resort accommodations that exist to pamper you with their comfort and spas, further the healing process, and restore peace and calm to your life. While they’re dotted all over our scenic majesty, you’ll find they all share one view: you shouldn’t need to visit a therapist or pop pills to unwind and de-stress. Just a visit to the Columbia Valley.

Whether you’re looking for hiking, golf, or skiing, at one of the Columbia Valley’s many, or dining, arts and entertainment, these sanctuaries have everything you need to cure your City Stress Condition.


Panorama Mountain Resort

High in the Columbia Valley’s Purcell Mountains, Panorama Mountain Resort is one of Canada’s most popular ski and golf resorts. Among its many accolades, at the World Snow Awards it was named the North American Resort of the Year in 2016. Rightly earned, a visit to Panorama is the perfect way for you and your family to fight City Stress […]

Fairmont Hot Springs

Unwind your tightly coiled city stress condition in Fairmont Hot Springs. Another of the Columbia Valley’s true year-round havens for fun and relaxation, it features no less than three stunning golf courses, Mountainside, Riverside, and Creekside, and a family-friendly ski area for downhillers of all ages and abilities. And that’s not to mention the namesake mineral […]

Invermere on the lake

The little mountain town of Invermere On The Lake is another sure-fire cure for the City Stress Condition that ails you. How could it not be with its breathtaking lake, relaxing atmosphere and a laid-back main street full of boutiques, galleries, art studios, book, grocery and specialty stores.  

Radium Hot Springs

They say it takes a village to raise a child. We think it can also take a village to restore child-like calm and peace. Indeed, a big part of Columbia Valley’s ability to address City Stress Condition™ and restore the real you is everything the relaxed mountain village of Radium Hot Springs offers.

You escape to a whole world of activities that will help you to recharge your batteries and restore your soul.

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